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The Value of Showing Up

The Value of Showing Up

The Value of Showing Up

One of the first rules of life – show up.   What does this mean exactly?  I believe it can mean lots of things but perhaps first it means, give it your all.  Always be participating in your life rather than being a passive observer.   This is great advice, however, this article is more about the value of showing up in a literal sense.

Being actually present with someone rather than emailing, calling, Facebook messaging, Tweeting, texting or otherwise communicating.  I recently had the opportunity to be mentioned in an article in  This article goes in to great detail about the value of in person communication.  In today’s Vlog I want to emphasize three components that I find particularly important –

  1. Intention

  2. Subtleties

  3. Immediacy

For more information and detail about the value of in person communication, please see this article.   If you have questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to reach out.  If you have interest in continuing the conversation, consider answering the following the questions and then commenting below –

What have you found to be valuable when communicating in person? 

How has in person communication impacted your personal or work relationships?



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  1. Hi Michael!
    I find with myself that the people I trust the most and the people that most accept me are the ones that I am more likely to have distracted conversations with. Aren’t those the people that deserve the most love and respect from me? Do I save my presence for those I am looking to impress? Also, at what point is my presence my gift to myself and that being my irreplaceable contribution to the world? I deserve that, everyone deserves that. I also wonder, as a culture, how much time we spend wishing we were somewhere else…and how that exact habit ensures that, even when we arrive at that point, we will not be there.
    Thank you for your thought-provoking questions!
    -Heather F.

    • Hi Heather!
      Great questions to be considering, thank you for sharing your thoughts. I like the question about how much do we spend time wishing we were somewhere else. This is one of the values of mindfulness in my opinion. The more present we can be with ourselves and others, the more clear our communication will be.

  2. I can appreciate this vlog! I am horrific at grammar. I feel like I need to disclose that right away when communicating thru type. Punctuation makes all the differences and can completely change the message one is attempting to send along with spelling of words. I find people often confusing my message and it creates humor and problems that would have been avoided with human interaction. For a person like me face to face is almost a necessity bc grammar can save lives …..
    Let’s eat grandpa.
    Lets eat, grandpa.
    Now feel free to edit with red type so others can understand 😃

  3. There’s of course time and place for electronic communication and it helps us stay connected to those important people that may physically be a distance away! However, whether business or personal I so much prefer in person meetings; it’s when I feel most engaged. I feel that when you’re in physical presence with someone it allows for an exchange of energy in addition to dialogue. Thanks for this post!

    • Thanks for reading Melody! The personal exchange that we get when not communicating digitally certainly is valuable isn’t it. Even though I appreciate the digital communication and convenience, I prefer in person too.

  4. In my experience, face to face communication with customers is incredibly important.. For one thing, it gives you a chance to read your customers..
    And on the other side, (more importantly I believe) it gives your customers a chance to read you.

    • Hi James! Great point about allowing customers the opportunity to read us. I think showing up for our clients/customers really allows them to see our dedication and intention. Thanks for reading!

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