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The Human Side of Business

The Human Side of Business

The Human Side of Business


Welcome to my first Vlog!  I may be experimenting with these more in the future.   I was recently featured on an article via titled Ways Relationships are like Business.   I thought this was interesting and a good tie in to the idea of the human side of business, which I often reference.

Please see three tips below on how relationships are like business.


I would love some feedback about your experience with the dynamic of relationships and business.  As a spring board for comments, consider answering any of these three questions below –


How have you seen the human side of the business you are involved in impact the success or struggle of that business?

What other examples can you provide regarding the commonalities between business and relationships?

What is one thing you would change about the interpersonal dynamics of your workplace?



  1. Thanks for sharing!

    These three tips are very helpful and a great resource to take to the workplace. Awesome vlog!

  2. Thanks for commenting. I definitely agree that reaching out to others with just a few cards, and communicating clearly around who might be the best referral, is a great strategy!

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