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Training Services

Path to Synergy offers a number of training topics that can be customized to fit the culture and history of your organization.

When our clients experience Path to Synergy’s core values, they immediately understand what elevates our practice. We consistently meet our own high standards AND follow best practices within the consulting and training industry. We also know how to tailor our expertise to meet the client’s varied needs. Path to Synergy understands that different industries may have different training needs. We can make adjustments based the varying needs of the organizations we work with.

Our desire is to help create an environment within your organization that is congruent with the values, systems and goals of that organization.  Challenges within groups may present themselves through conflict, miscommunication, creative differences, unclear expectations and motivational issues.   We are here to address these challenges through interactive workshops developed for your specific needs.

Please see below for a general list of training topics available and contact us to discuss a more customized training program for your organization:

  • Stress management – The Importance of Self Care
  • Benefits of organizational diversity
  • Team building
  • How to handle conflict in the workplace
  • Creating inclusive work environments
  • How to manage change effectively – an interpersonal perspective
  • Managing employee – employer conflict
  • Effective communication – from interpersonal to intercultural

Path to Synergy also holds credentials in administration, assessment and training on the following instruments-

  • Advanced Insights Profile – A three tiered assessment include: DISC, Values Assessment and Attributes Index. This assessment is helpful for:
    • Understanding how or if an individual may be appropriately fit into a particular career role.
    • Building team effectiveness in communication style within the team and with clients so that they can function at a higher, more productive level.
    • Grow awareness of natural talents you have, why you are motivated to use them and how you prefer to use them.


  • Actualized Leadership Profile – A tool to understand leadership style, areas for growth and improvement in how to relate to your teams and improve engagement. This tool is helpful in:
    • Understanding areas for development both personally and professionally.
    • Exploring how you react in times of stress as well as how you function optimally when not being reactive.
    • Increase performance as a leader and understand how your style plays a role in this peak performance.

Actualized Leader Profile - Certified Professional


  • Group Culture Profile – This tool measures the general Emotional Intelligence of a group in order to build capacity for improvement, performance and connection.  This tool assists in:
    • Group development and team process improvement to increase functionality, productivity and effectiveness
    • Build understanding of team strengths and relative weaknesses.
    • Increase connectivity between team members in order to build engagement and effectiveness.

Group Culture Profile - Certified Professional



For more information about any of the listed trainings or to request a customized training, please contact us.