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Path to Synergy

Organizational Consulting and Development

Path to Synergy provides organizational consulting and development as well as coaching services to enhance the environment of your organization. Through improving employee engagement, emotional intelligence, leadership and communication we can impact your organization’s bottom line.

Leadership and Employee Coaching

We focus on improvement at the individual and system level of an organization.  We help coach employees and leaders on exploring their own congruence with the mission of the organization.  Through improving employee engagement, bettering leadership and fostering stronger collaboration we can have a direct impact on the organization’s bottom line.

Organizational Consulting and Development

Through an in depth exploration of what an organization needs we can offer customized training’s that will help develop the system and culture of the organization.  Our trainings are created and facilitated by consultants that have years of experience in change management and can truly help attendees work through challenges that are keeping them from optimum performance.

Path to Synergy is available for leadership coaching, organizational consulting,  and speaking engagements on a variety of topics. Through working with values, beliefs and expectations among individuals we are able to see how this impacts development and sustainability of groups.  Through training, coaching and facilitation; Path to Synergy helps organizations create more integrity filled, authentic environments, and ultimately impacts the individual’s ability to work more effectively and productively.


“I really liked the speaker. I thought he was a good example of a skilled speaker and he showed confidence. I also enjoyed learning about the different types of communication/people and I liked having a different kind of Sales meeting to switch things up.”

– Special projects coordinator

“Michael was an appealing and engaging speaker who maintained the interest of our entire group, and our group is so diverse that it’s not an easy thing to do. He helped our entire team learn more about each other and how they can improve communication in our group.”

– Herb Arnold, Director of Sales

Biltmore Farms

“Michael helped open lines of communication between my team mates therefore will be instrumental in establishing a positive culture in the months to come.  I cannot wait until the next session.”

                                                                                                                – Tim Boone, President

                                                                                                                Snow Creek Landscaping LLC

“It has been my distinct pleasure to work with Michael Diettrich-Chastain. His insightfulness is unique.  Michael knows how to bring out the best in those of us who work with him.  He has helped me develop new leadership skills and is a great sounding board for mapping out my personal career strategy.  Through working with Michael, I was able to think through some very big issues.  He helped me move forward with some clear and decisive decisions that I could act on with confidence.”

– VP Client Services