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Michael Diettrich-Chastain, LPC, DCC – Consultant, Coach, Therapist

Michael Diettrich-Chastain, a therapist in practice in Asheville, NC, received his education in Psychology, Spanish and Counseling. Michael began his career consulting for a staffing firm. Through this work, he gained experience in management, consultation, sales, conflict resolution and career placement/guidance. This experience prompted Michael’s interest in the clinical side of work with others. Michael received a master’s degree in Community Mental Health from Appalachian State University in Boone, NC. After graduate school, Michael began working in a private mental health practice as well as a community mental health center, working with uninsured and underprivileged clients.

Michael has clinical experience with many diagnoses and issues present within mental health. Michael has gained valuable experience as a therapist through the private and public sector in mental health. Counseling services are available with Michael for individuals, couples, groups, children and adults. The approach Michael takes when working with clients is humanistic, client centered, empowering and solution focused.

Michael also has experience in sales, marketing, training and consultation. Through working for an organization that designs and fabricates outdoor recreation equipment, Michael gained experience in facilitating team building, growth and empowerment activities. Michael helped to develop a curriculum designed for obesity and drug use prevention for the Adventure Playground, an original concept. Through this project, Michael had the opportunity to help train school teachers in how to use this playground not only as a catalyst for fitness but as an educational tool for children.

Training and consultation has been an interest and passion for Michael for many years. Michael has been involved in public speaking in the US through panel discussions on mental health as well as trainings on a number of topics. Michael’s training experience includes such topics as conflict resolution, change management, cultural/group diversity and stress management. In addition, Michael has experience in public speaking internationally through a professional scholarship he received through Rotary International. Michael had the opportunity to consult in Spanish, on multiple occasions through this scholarship in South America. Consultation in South America included discussion of cultural topics as well as the mental health and sales professions as they exist here in the US.

Michael offers clinical appointments as well as consultation and training services.

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Melinda Bullen – Consultant

Melinda - Head ShotMelinda C. Bullen is an energetic and able facilitator of diversity and inclusion programming. Working within the field for a decade she has met with audiences large and small, students and working professionals, and domestic and international clients from both the public and private sectors—inspiring change through a dynamic but compassionate presentation style. Her skills of creating rapport, interconnectedness, and facilitating group dialogue are underscored by her entertaining presentation skills and all contribute to a powerful opportunity for intercultural solutions.

From a small island off of the west coast of Florida, she has since lived throughout the southern United States, the Pacific Northwest, and internationally, giving her a strong sensibility for the nuances of  a client’s home culture and expectations. Melinda holds a degree in Fine Art, graduate course work in Creative Writing and Intercultural Communication, and is now pursuing graduate work in Organizational Development and Leadership. Integrating creative play in her facilitation methodology makes her work unique in the field of diversity training.

Melinda has taught a variety of topics that bridge intercultural communication and diversity. While training state-side she has provided courses on access and inclusion in higher education, conflict resolution, culturally competent leadership, identity, microaggressions, and culturally responsive workplaces. While abroad Melinda has provided courses and workshops on cultural competency through English as a second language, international relocation, and expatriation.

Ms. Bullen is a certified facilitator and coach of the Intercultural Effectiveness Scale (IES) and the The Global Competencies Inventory (GCI).With such powerful assessment tools, her extensive knowledge from the field, and endless energy for discovery she skillfully works with her clients to tailor programs and trainings to get results. Melinda is not satisfied until every participant leaves their experience feeling like they have gained something of value by having worked with her. Melinda is currently offering training in a wide variety of topics related to organizational diversity, inclusive workplaces and practices, and cultural competency.