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About Path to Synergy Consulting Coaching and Counseling

About Us

Synergy is defined as “the creation of a whole that is greater than the simple sum of its parts.” Path to Synergy’s goal is to collaborate in order to create forward motion, within the individual or organization. We believe that whether you are searching for Training, Consulting, Leadership Coaching, Executive Coaching or Counseling Services, that through a partnership with Path to Synergy we can assist in moving you or your organization towards the change that is desired.

We strive to be a catalyst for growth. We offer an empowerment model that will drive individuals, groups, and organizations from the places they are – to the places they want to be. We believe that through working together toward a congruence between beliefs and actions, either within a system or individual, that this will lead to true long standing change and growth.

Path to Synergy provides services to individuals, groups and organizations.


Our Core Values in Consulting, Coaching and Counseling

Path to Synergy holds core values across systems when working with clients. The term “client” is used for both the individual, group or organization that may be seeking organizational consulting. The following seven core values are upheld within all partnerships with Path to Synergy.


Have an open mind. Path to Synergy’s value of discovery is based on the belief that there are many lessons that can be taken during the process of a change. Finding these insights as we work toward desired goals is certainly possible, if there is an openness to discovery. There is a variety of evidence, within many different fields, that expectation can impact outcome. It is our hope that our work with clients includes an open mind and an expectation that there is much to be gained along the way.


Change is often not easy. When working through the process of change there will undoubtedly be struggle and challenge along the way. Our expectation for our clients is that there is a sense of courage when faced with the process of this change.  Although we recognize that the change process with an organizational consulting client may differ from an individual’s process, we expect courage from both.  Path to Synergy’s value of courage is also found in the challenges we will give our clients. It is not our value to make the change process easy, but rather to be courageous enough to offer an honest, open, clear perspective to our clients.


The client is the expert in their own culture, experience, needs, goals, motivations and resources. This said, our representatives at Path to Synergy have professional experiences that can offer guidance, strategy, direction and challenge. When we are working with clients we always take a collaborative effort, understanding that each side has value to offer the relationship, ultimately bettering the outcome.


The congruence between our own beliefs, and how our lives are lived out, can cause us great happiness and great distress. This applies to the work and relationships Path to Synergy cultivates in a number of ways. Our hope for our clients is that they can have the most congruent experience possible, between their own beliefs, ideals and goals and what is actually happening for them. This congruence applies to groups and individuals. Similarly, we are committed to offering a congruent service between our ideals and values, and services that we offer our clients.


What is our responsibility to our team, our partner, our organization or ourselves? This is a difficult question and one that may not be easily answered. However, we believe that the question of responsibility is one that is worth asking. Often times we reach outside of what we are responsible for or do not meet expectations that are being asked of us. The congruence between what our own expectations are, expectations from others, and what is actually taking place, can lead to interpersonal problems as well as systemic problems in the workplace. Through taking steps in identifying how we are responsible to the varying systems in our lives, as well as taking inventory of our responsibility to ourselves, we can help to navigate change effectively.


Within the context of therapy, empowerment speaks to one of the approaches that is taken as a strategy to help move an individual move towards change. Within organizations – through training and consultation, Path to Synergy will actively find ways to build up a system that is struggling. Rather than focusing on deficits, we believe that a foundation for growth can be created by identifying principals of success and empowering individuals and groups to build on previous successes. We hold a strengths based approach and will work toward helping individuals and organizations explore new ways to make decisions, approach problems, and look at how to shift focus.


Creating a whole that is greater than the simple sum of its parts. One of our main objectives at Path to Synergy is to collectively create the best opportunity for change. Whether this change is within a counseling relationship or work within an organization, we aim to provide the most synergistic effect. This effect is created through the collaborative efforts of our consultants/therapists and our clients. The client is the expert on themselves. Representatives at Path to Synergy bring a professional inquiry that can help build on this expertise, within the individual or group – thus creating the synergistic effect.