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Achieve professional and personal goals with our coaching and counseling. Inspire your team with our organizational consultation and professional development.


Counseling Asheville


Discover the best methods to grow, resolve concerns, and gain greater self awareness through our counseling for individuals, couples, and adolescents. Our counseling service in Asheville, NC  helps to resolve an emotional pain and build insight.  We can assist with conflict, depression, anxiety, trauma, addictions and family issues.  Contact us today to find the right therapist for you.



If you are a group or organization, we offer individual and group coaching as well as workshops on personal development and community growth – helping your team become more effective.  Path to Synergy offers Leadership Coaching, Career Coaching and Personal Development Coaching to help you and your business build skills and insight.



Path to Synergy builds organizations to be sustainable and motivated by integrity through coaching and organizational consulting on leadership, emotional intelligence and employee engagement.   We assist leaders, executives and teams in becoming more connected, collaborative and strength oriented.

About Path to Synergy

Counseling and Coaching in Asheville North Carolina

Path to Synergy provides executive coaching, leadership coaching and organizational consulting in addition to counseling services to individuals. We help individuals overcome challenges through counseling and coaching. We assist in connecting clients to both internal and external resources so that they can function at a higher level in the workplace and in their personal lives. Path to Synergy’s work with organizations improves employee engagement, leadership, communication and emotional intelligence in order to increase the bottom line.

We help individuals become better versions of themselves through improving awareness, effectiveness, congruency and authenticity. Often times clients come to us to improve organizational skills, motivation, discipline, career satisfaction or career transition. In addition, our counseling helps people to resolve anxiety, depression, substance abuse and trauma.

We help organizations improve their ability to function internally through leadership coaching and training on emotional intelligence, employee engagement and communication. Path to Synergy improves the lives of individuals and the effectiveness of organizations.

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